Top 10 places to go this summer


From all of the historical cities, Rome is one of the most fascinating places! Here you have the opportunity to see lots of things, beautiful monuments, buildings, comparing to any other cities from all around the World. One can spend even a month here, and realize that there is not enough time for discovering every single beauty of this city. From a historical point of view, this city is a special one, just like a European capital city, unique.


The classical characteristics of the city can be easily noticed by the tourists, such as the Colosseum, Roman Forum and Palatine hill. A wide range of monuments can be found here, starting from: the early Christian Basilica, the roman churches, the renaissance palaces, up to the baroque – style fountains and churches, which contributed to the actual aspect of the city.  Besides these, the neoclassical architecture, this also gives a specific style to different buildings of Rome.

All these kinds of styles fill the streets, buildings and places in Rome, contributing to the beauty of the medieval churches, antique basilicas, roman palaces, blocks and houses which embed some parts of the roman style, sculptures and inscriptions, roads and markets which follow the line of the old amphitheaters and stadiums.

All in all, it is obvious that Rome isn’t a city which you can visit in a hurry, you need to take your time and really enjoy the specific parts of it, even if you are planning to stay only for a couple of days! You also need to take into consideration the fact that there is no way you can visit the whole town during your very first visit to Rome, and there is no need for you to try to. 

The great majority of the beauties of the city can be admired from different angles, and coming up with unique stuff is a part of the specific atmosphere that the city is providing you with. 

In one way or another, it is worth visiting Rome, enjoying every single moment that you are spending here and have a wonderful time!



You may reach to London by a subterranean or by one of the black cabs, but you will immediately come up with a strong feeling of history elements, and you will meet some unique vibrations of  this exceptional destination. 

London is a city which is attracting many tourists, and the number of visitors is constantly increasing.   

There is a wide range of  touristic attractions available for you to choose from and enjoy your sightseeing during your visit to London. For example, the Madame Tussaud’s Museum, which is one of the favorite ones, has been admired since its first exposition starting from 1835, where you have the chance to “meet” famous people, as wax statues, such as: different World leaders, actors / actresses, sportsmen, writers or famous artist, religious figures, musicians and many other celebrities. 

Once you have visited Londonit is suggested that you catch a glimpse of the process of the changing of guards at the Buckingham Palace, which is a very exciting and exceptional view. Then, the Westminster Abbey is another distinguished touristic attraction, which is built in Gothic style, starting from 1050, the moment when Edward the Confessor decided to build a church. 

Another great touristic attraction is London’s Eye, which is an observation point and is 135 meters high,  giving you the opportunity to have an amazing view of the city and surroundings. 


Besides these, there are some other buildings and places which you should also visit, like: Westminster Palace, the National Gallery of London, the British Museum,  London Tower Bridge. There is no way you can regret spending several days or a vacation in London, because the variety of activities which the sightseeing includes offers you a great recreation and the awesome feeling of relaxation. 



Prague is the capital city of  Czech Republic and is one of the most popular cities in Eastern Europe. The visitors are mainly attracted to the “physical” beauty of it, because Prague has buildings with a special and old architecture of more than 600 years back. These buildings have an almost “untouched” structure, which means that despite the several wars that this place has been faced with, it still has efficiently maintained its strength and its significance. 

The St. George’s Basilica is one of the greatest attractions from Prague, which was built in the 10th century, by Vratislav I.  The building which you can see today is the result of a renovation made between 1887 and 1908. At it’s entrance there is a baroque style chapel, which is dedicated to StJohn of Nepomuk.

The house which is dancing is another building of great importance, it has a very special design, it was designed by Vlado Miluniæ and Frank Gehry in 1992. Basically it represented a man and a woman dancing, this is why this building was named “Fred & Ginger”.

The Castle of Prague incorporates the biggest and most spectacular museums and churches from Prague. This castle was built in the 9th century, and at this moment, it is still the residence of the president. The visitors are free to admire the apartments of the kings and the Vladislav room, where kings were crowned and presidents took their vows. 

The old center of the city  is an awesome place for you to take a walk and take a moment to relax in that great atmosphere. The “heart” of the old city dates back to the 11th century, its square is the biggest and most beautiful squares from Prague. There is a specific astronomic watch on  town hall of the old city, and the tourists can get into the tower of it, taking a look at its mechanism, as well as to experience the great view of the city. 

In Prague you can come up with a Mozart Museum, which was the residence of Mozart during the time he have been staying in this city, between 1787 and 1791.



Zagreb is the political, economical and cultural capital city of Croatia, vibrating of energy, but keeping some refined characteristics of an old city in the same time.

The Austrian – Hungarian buildings from the center of the city hold elegant restaurants, some fashion boutiques and pubs with their specific agitation.

This is a fascinating tourist destination, where many visitors drive by when making their way to the coast. There is a specific park, which divides the city into two, during the winter it is almost empty, while when spring is approaching, everyone is making his way to the open – air coffee houses to enjoy the afternoon sunshine.  The Maksimir Park, which is situated on the East side of the city, is the main destination for those who enjoy riding the bicycle, walking or jogging during the weekend.